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Expensive is key?!

Sister Amber Nov 29, 2010
Hello popsicles!

I have been watching some of the top gurus on youtube for makeup and getting more and more displeased with their attitude towards makeup. They are doing reviews of products, that compare EVERYTHING to expensive makeup, and 90% of their looks are using the high end expensive makeup. This blush is not as good as NARS, this brush is not as good as MAC, these liners are not like Urban decay. You know what? Not everyone can afford all of this crap. Afterwords they say you better well save up for the expensive kind. If I bought the expensive makeup then I would have half of what I had now, and would most likely never own some of the colors that I love and need because I would not want to buy 'silly' colors that I use every once and awhile at an expensive place. When they talk about drugstore makeup they use terms like low quality, and kind of make it seem like you really cant create a look that is beautiful from this 'low quality makeup'. As you may know I do not subscribe to the philosophy that you have to buy expensive for it to be good. I really cant justify buying ONE eyeshadow for 16 dollars, unless I am REALLY trying to treat myself. I own maybe 2 MAC eyeshadows and I rarely use them because they were so expensive I do not want to waste them.

There is a middle point, because the high end makeup is too expensive, but if you buy what I call pretty pretty princess makeup (really REALLY cheap makeup) it wont stay and is not very pigmented. Drugstore makeup and my coastal scents palettes are my favorite purchases. Each individual has to figure out what their favorite brand is. Something I love might be something you hate because our skin has different chemistry. A shadow that might stick to me might fall right off your face even with primer. And guess what, with the more inexpensive prices you are able to try different products and not hate yourself for trying something.

Another thing that really bothers me is the people who believe that you need 27 brushes to make a look. Ok I am decent at makeup, I am not a professional but I do love to do makeup and I get compliments on my makeup all the time. I also feel like I know what I am doing from doing makeup for stage. For the longest time I had 3 brushes and that was it. I had a concealer brush, blending brush, and crease brush. I used the sponges that came with the eyeshadow and made due. And guess what, YOU CAN MAKE DUE! I could do everything that the big timers do with the few brushes that I had. It might not be as easy or convenient but hey that is life.

I just got very frustrated with what I was seeing and I think if it does anything then it discourages people from trying to break into the makeup world. I mean, what do you think when all of the tutorials are expensive makeup using 7-8 brushes for look? It is frustrating for newbies because they dont even want to try. I know thats how I felt, when a person could say use a purple with a blue undertone they say grab Expensive McGee makeup Purple Nurple (that is most likely pro color, no longer made, or whatever) and put it all over your eye using a flat brush, then put more with a fluffy brush, THEN use an angled brush....then blend it all out with a blending brush. Sometime they show the shadow, sometimes they dont. Even if they do the camera may not show the makeup to color.

This is a bit of a rant, and I kind of want to inspire people who are trying to do makeup that there is a different way to do things than what is being broadcast.


LoveNLipstick said...

I have been wanting to do a rant like this for awhile! i down own any NARs or Makeup Forever at the simple fact that i would rather buy a month worth of food than pay that much for one item! I totally agree with you, especially about the brushes!!

I was extremely pissed off when one of the top gurus did a video over this weekend about sigma brushes and how they are not MAC dupes and they suck compared to MAC and some other Chinease Animal haired brushes. I was pissed i own 2 mac brushes and thats because they were given to me, sonia kashuk for target is just as good!

I although do like to buy MAC eyeshadows or blushes but i dont own many because i buy the ones i really like and will wear all the time and that i can find dupes for which i have. the only reason i even own some higher priced items is because i purchased them on discount sites. i think youtube in the past year has turned into a high end item market and thats all people will use since its the cool thing to do.

Great post hahaha
makeup by ashes!

Joann said...

Preach! lol! But no really, awesome post! :)

Sister Amber said...

Thanks all! I was really frustrated when I wrote this, but I think that it needed to get out. I know its not going to change anyone's lives, but myabe SOMEONE will think before they go for the most expensive things

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