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Flawless face

Sister Amber Nov 25, 2010 ,
Alrighty pumpkins! A ton of people ask me how I get my face makeup looking so natural and not cakey. I really dont think that I do anything special, but some people might not know the basics of face makeup. So...I am here to tell you what I do and hope that it helps :)

1) Moisturize. I cant tell you how much this helps. If you have a dry face you will be able to tell that there is makeup on it. Plus, makeup seems to stick better to a face that is moisturized. Generally what I do is put an anti wrinkle eye cream all around my eye (its never too late to fight wrinkles) then put a moistureizer with SPF (you can read my rant about that here) all over my face and neck.

2) Liquid foundation. I only use liquid foundation when my face is crazy bad broken out or splotchy. People need to learn that they do not need to use this stuff every day because it clogs pores and generally people can get the same effect with some spot concealing. When I put my foundation on I use my sigma dual fiber brush.

Technicaly this is not the brush you are supposed to use (it is meant for cream blush or highlights) but I find that it works a ton better than the flat foundation brush in my opinion. It makes for a more even and natural looking application. What I do is put a little foundation (1-2 pumps ONLY) on the back of my hand, and pat the brush into the product. Then I blot off the extra on a part of my hand that does not have product on it and pat the brush on my face. I pat it until most of the product is absorbed on my face THEN I use a swirling motion to make sure I blend everything out. This will ensure that the product is well applied and absorbed into the face and it looks natural and not splotchy. Repeat until the whole face is covered, and make sure you blend out on the neck and as close to the hairline as possible. Lines on the side of the face are really ugly and it is a dead giveaway that you are using product.

3) Conceal. Again, I use a different brush than you are supposed to. I used to use my figners, and I found that the application is not as precise and it gets blotchy. The oil from your fingers will make the concealer fade quicker as well. What I use for large areas is a sigma fluffy shadowbrush, and again I use it because it gives a more natural finish

You use the same technique as the foundation. Pat in the product, pat on your face, then swirl! Once I get a camera I will show you all how to conceal certain parts of the face, but for now this is all I have. Then I use any pencil brush with a bit of concealer to conceal any particular spots (like pimples :( ) also in a patting motion.

4) POWDER! Most people think with all of this color on your face you do not need powder. My number one rule that you all need to remember is whenever you put anything cream or liquid on your face you MUST set it with powder. If you use a cream shadow, you need to put powder on it. Foundation, powder. Even cream liner works better if you set it with powder. It makes the product last longer, prevents creasing, stops excessive oil, and makes it look more natural. There is some scientific blahdy blah to why this works and I am not going to bore you with it. Im just saying, it works. If you do not want more color you can use a translucent powder. I generally just use mild coverage powder with a large powder brush. You use pat and swirl again (a little secret, this is what you do for ANY makeup application...besides liner)

So, this is what I do with my face makeup. The things to remember is blend blend blend. You want everything to be well blended in order to look natural!


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