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Physicians formula POP EYES review

Sister Amber Nov 9, 2010
I know I keep saying that I am going to get a camera, but since I am currently between*cough* desperately searching for a *cough* job I am not going to be able to get one for awhile. I just love it how when I start out blogging my camera breaks. Just my luck! So, I am going to do another review for you all!

Physicans formula POP EYES!

I got the green and blue color, but I am sure it works for hazel or whichever other one it has too!

The packaging: What I find as a pro for this product is also a con. I really like that it has several colors in one small compact size, but the eyeshadows are not in pans. Bad bad PF! You need pans! At first it would seem like it doesn't matter about pan or no pan, but it is REALLY difficult to get a big fluffy blending brush in just one color without concentrating. I don't know about you but when I do makeup I tend to work like a mad woman and I don't want to put any extra effort into something so small as to getting the colors mixed since they are all smashed together. Other than that, it is really convenient and fits nicely in my extra shove room in the drawer of doom.

The colors: The colors are really nice and diverse so for a beginner it would be awesome to get one palette and get 9 different colors in one pack. They are not as pigmented as I would like, but since it is so cheap for so many colors I don't mind layering a bit. It is about 10 dollars for 9 colors, and I got mine at ULTA for buy one get one half off a few months ago so it was really a steal.

One thing I really don't like is that I personally would never create a look with just these colors since they are all shimmery. I HATE when eyes have only finish, so all shimmery wont work for me. I would probably use a matte over the lid and accent it with some of the shimmer shades....or use a matte highlight. Whatever way I put it, I don't like that they are all shimmery and kind of pearlescent too. I guess I should have known that it would be like that since it is called Shimmer strips and the whole theory is to illuminate so I guess the product just does what it says it will. Just not my cup of tea.

The formula: The formula goes on very smoothly and blends out well without too much fallout. Like I said before it is not as pigmented as I would like so I have to layer it a bit, but eh. I have used wayyyy worse. I am not blown away, but not disappointed with the formula

So my general rating is 3.5 stars out of 5. I would suggest this for people who are just starting to do makeup, or who are trying to get lots of colors fast. For me I will use some of the colors more than others, some of them are WAY prettier. Like in the green palette there is that BEAUTIFUL forest green int he middle, but then the kind of ugly muddy lilac color. Some are good and others are MEH!


Lola B. said...

I was wondering about the quality of these. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am glad it was helpful!

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