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Revlon colorstay lipstick

Sister Amber Nov 21, 2010
First of all I want to apologize for not posting. Things have been SUPER hectic for me lately, but I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I dont want you all to forget me! I have not been able to get any new products or do fun makeup since I have been interviewing at stuffy boring jobs, so didnt know what to do! I decided that tonight I was going to do a review on one of my go to lip products.

Since you dont have any pictures of me, or much else in the way of evidence I am obsessed with the old holywood vintagey makeup. What does a girl need for that? Red lips, and preferably red lips that stay and stay

As I have said before, I am pale. I have had trouble finding a shade of red lips that is still red, but cool enough to not clash with my skin. Stay Currant is the PERFECT shade that is still red but cooler. It is almost maroonish, but it reads as red.

The packaging - This comes with one side of liquid lipstick, and one side of gloss. There is not much to say about is the size of a normal lipgloss and is just dandy. It has a spongey applicator on the color side, and a brush on the gloss side.

The colors - Like I mentioned before, the colors are rad. They have them (in Wallgreens) organized by color family. So they had a brown, pink, red, nude and coral. There are several different shades, and the color payoff is pretty good. It is very opaque, but at the same time you have to layer it in order for the product not to goop up and to get the darker colors precise.

The formula - Continuing from the color...You have to apply it with several coats, and you have to do it fast because it dries very quickly. What I do is take out the brush and wipe off most of the product and apply it in fourths (2 sections on the bottom and 2 on the top) I only focus on one section at a time. Since it is liquid it can be a bit difficult to work with, so you just have to be careful. Once it is on, you wait for it to dry and apply the gloss. One HUGE HUGE HUGE plus is the color does not move. I wear this to work all the time and dont have to worry about the color getting on my teeth or fading for about 5 or 6 hours, which is a LONG time for lipstick. That being said, once it does fade it will fade in the middle of your lips and the edges will stay even if you apply it over a lipliner, so you have to be careful to check in and make sure you dont look silly once it does fade. You can kind of feel it beading up when it is fading so that is kind of a strange feeling...but you will know when it is coming off. The color will dry out your lips, so make sure that they are not peeling or dry already before you apply it, and make sure to put on chapstick after you remove it.

Removal -
The lipstick is easily removed with makeup remover! That is the only way to get rid of it, so if you are planning on changing colors without going home for some remover dont put this on your lips!

I am rating 4.5 stars out of 5. I have used higher end products and this lipstick stays better than any of them, and it is below 15 dollars. I dont remember the exact price since it lasts awhile and I have not bought any in a few months but I want to say I got it for 10? I think that is a real bargain. I would highly recommend this to anyone who asks for a longwear lipstick. The only downside is it is drying.


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