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123 eyeshadow

Sister Amber Nov 14, 2010 ,
Alright popsicle muffins! I have a little kind of tutorial / technique lesson for you all. I call it the 123 eyeshadow method, and it is perfect for beginners or people looking for a simple look. Its called 123 because it uses 3 different shadow colors, and there are 2 really simple ways to apply the colors.

(please ignore the terrible picture and lazy makeup application. This was a quickie)
The first method is for people who have lots of lid space. I believe that people who have smaller lid space can use this too, but it is a bit harder to apply. You use three colors (light medium and dark) and apply them in this pattern. I feel like this look is more dramatic than the other method, so this could be a nighttime look while the other look is more for day. Lots of palettes have this method on the packaging, but generally they have all medium colors to use. It is not unheard of to use colors that are all light or all medium, it just does not give the eye the same depth as when using the light, medium, and dark.


The reason why people would use this method would be for people with smaller lid space. See how the colors are just stacked next to each other instead of placed on top of each other? It also is less dramatic (to me) because the dark is just on the outer corner instead of placed all over the other colors as well.

So those are 2 methods of how to use three colors that takes around 5 minutes to do? It is super easy and people of any level can apply makeup with this method!


Joann said...

Nice post and definitely easy to follow. I'll have to try this out! :)

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