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Falsies mascara!

Sister Amber Nov 4, 2010
EDIT: I am leaving the review up (kind of) but I absolutely do not support this product. I thought that Maybelline was one of the companies that dont test on animals, but after looking it up again I found out that they do. I do not support buying products from companies that test on animals, and encourage my popsicle princesses to also avoid purchasing products that come from companies who test. More about that later.

Whoo! My first review. I decided to do the falsies lashes because I have heard really good things
about this product! (SIDE NOTE! I am still having trouble finding a camera so no images :( I am sorry!)

I have to start to say that my reviews are just my opinions, and should be taken as such.

I dont think that this product deserves all (or any) of the hype. Here is a bit of a breakdown

1) The packaging - Its cute, to me the fatter size is a bit annoying, but thats because it makes it difficult to fit in my drawer with the rest of my mascaras.

2) The brush - The brush is actually not that bad. I like the brushes to be stiffer, it was a bit too flexible for my liking. The company says that the flexibility helps to separate lashes, but I didnt find that to work at all. It also has a curve that some people like, but it makes it difficult for me to get it on my bottom lashes without smudging everywhere. YUCK!

3) The formula - The formula for me is terrible. It has a strange consistancy, it is a bit watery and takes FOREVER to dry. Also it is really easy to get a spidery look if you do more than one application, which annoys me since I like to layer mascara. With the one application I could do I didnt notice anything different from other mascaras. I would actually say that some of my other mascaras that are not supposed to build like this one work better. Another downfall is that it is not as black as I would like, and it flakes. :(

4) Removal - Here is one of the things that I dont like about the tube like mascaras. I dont like how difficult they are to remove. I know its an oxymoron because you want it to stay when you want it to stay, but I really would like it to come off with some makeup remover. It takes FOREVER to remove YUCK!

So I will give it 1.5 stars out of 5. I will not be buying again, and it is totally not what it advertised.

Do you have any opinions? Different experiences? Post below!


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