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Sigma Brushes review

Sister Amber Dec 8, 2010 ,

Hello popsicles! Today I am going to review Sigmas complete kit! I have had these brushes for a really long while but I thought there were too many of these out there so I didnt I guess I am giving in. I have seen some reviews that I felt were not fair to the company (read my last post) and in my opinion you cant find this many brushes, for this quality, at this price point. I am going to write my score on the top which is 4.5 out of 5, and this will have a bit of a different structure. The complete kit is amazing as a whole, but there are some brushes that I dont like as much. I am going to say everything I love and everything I hate about each brush, but overall I really do love the brushes (why I put the score at the top) and I would hate people to get the wrong opinion.

OVERALL - the only thing I can say here is its 12 brushes (mine came with a mini travel size 13 ) at $79. HELLO! Most brushes from other companies like MAC are $20+ PER brush. The sigma set comes out at around 6 dollars a brush. I dont want to point fingers but someone did a review of these brushes and kept saying that they were not as good as MAC. I understand the company tries to make brushes compatible to the MAC brushes, but at this highly reduced prices it is not going to be as good as quality. Its just not happening. So, what you are getting for the price is awesome.

Shipping was quick, I had no trouble with anything to do with my order...everything ran really smoothly. I thought I would add that because I hear some companies have horror stories with just getting the shipping right. The brushes came with a little plastic guard and were in a cute little baggie.

Small Angle - E65- (top left) This brush is just like any other angled brush. It is super stiff, but it is a bit too thick for me. The site says it is meant to be a brush to put eyeliner with, but I really dont use it for that. I like to use a more flexible brush for gel or cream liner. I use this brush to fill in my brows, or to apply a shadow color over eyeliner I put on to smudge it out. Honestly, I dont really use this brush all that much...because to me an angled brush is an angled brush and I have another one that I am just used to using.

Medium Angled Shading - E70 - (clockwise right) Way to start out with the two brushes I am kind of MEH about. I really enjoy the idea of this brush but I have not yet figured out how to use it effectively. I usually make my eye shape from blending colors out in a swirling motion, but you cant really do that with this brush. Sometimes I use this to put colors in the crease, but I like some other brushes better to do that with. I feel like this brush is too flimsy to do what it was made for, but it is not a throw away. I can see myself using it on others more than I use it on myself.

Large Shader - E60 - This is a really nice stiff brush for all over color. I use this brush to do really concentrated color and pigments on my eyelid. Sometimes I use the tip to bring the color to my lowerlashline, because it is such a thin and flat brush so it gets really precise color placement. Packs on color really nicely....yeah.

Pencil - E30 - The site advertises this brush to apply color to the crease line, but I think it is far too small of a brush for that unless you are doing a dramatic cut crease. Even then I use a thicker brush for that so it doesn't look so goofy. Primarily I use this brush to apply an intense highlight in my inner corner, to smudge out eyeliner, or to (again) apply colors over top of my eyeliner. It is a good and sturdy brush and it comes to a nice tapered tip that is easy to work with. Plus, it is soooooo soft :)

Large Angled Contour - F40 - Love love love love love this brush. I feel like it is an ideal brush for contour, and for blush. Again, this is a super soft brush that I love to just feel on my skin. What I do is use it the 'right' way (put the angle with the angle of my skin) to apply blush. It applies a great even color, and I love that it is white because you can really see how much product you have on the brush. Sometimes with the black brushes you cant tell how much blush REALLY is on it and then it goes all clowny. I flip the brush over and use the 'tip' in order to do contour (because I feel like the brush is a BIT too thick to really get a precise contour with).

Large Powder - F30 - This is just a big fluffly brush. It is a bit TOO big for my taste, so generally what I do with it is either blend out my blush and contour, or if it has been a long day I will use it to dust some powder over my face to kind of 'freshen up'. I personally would not use this for powder application, so for me it is just an ok brush. Wish it was a bit smaller

Duo Fibre - F50 - I talked about this brush in a previous post, but I totally am in love with it. I wish it was a bit thicker, but it is also fine how it is. It applies foundation REALLY well, and I get compliments on how my skin is so pretty all the time. One time I went into a makeup store and the woman didnt know I was wearing makeup (I thought she was just trying to be nice, but she was going on and on about how I should not wear foundation when I was trying to buy mine, because my skin was so good without it. LOL). I have not tried it with blush yet since all of my cream ones have dried up, and I cant really buy anymore until I start making money. This brush has held up really well for me, and has not done any of the dye bleeding that I have heard complained about. Maybe because I use a sulfate free shampoo to wash it in so it is really gentle? I am not sure. This brush is a must have for me, and I dont want to go anywhere without it

Foundation - F60 - Good, soft, thick. There is really not much I have to say about this brush. It is nothing to rave about, but nothing to write off either. I generally use it with powder to clean up any fallout from under my eyes. I will also use this to apply moisturizer to other people when I do their makeup because no one wants me rubbing all over their faces. I think this is generally what people do with this brush anyhow.

Concealer - F70 - I never really use this for concealer, but that is because I am used to using a different brush that has a shape I like better. I use thus brush for REALLY precise eyeshadow application, and under my brow highlight. Generally I use 2 highlight colors, one that is darker and a really stark white I usually use directly under the highest point of my brow. I use this brush for that. It is really good quality though, I should try it for concealing and see how it works.

Tapered Blending - E40 - BOOOOOOO! I had such high hopes for this brush, but I really do not like it. Mine is more dome shaped than tapered, the brush is way too flimsy for really good blending. I kind of feel like it is too big as well to blend, it takes up practically my whole eyelid. I am not going to ever reach for this over my other blending brushes that I have. What I have done with this brush ( because I wanted to find some good) was to apply a color to fade out my colors in my crease and before my highlight. It kind of works but it muddies up both crease and highlight colors because the freaking brush is so out of control. I tired to re-shape it a bit when I washed it but it didnt work out too well.

Eye Shading - E55 - This brush is really nice. It is really thick, short, and has a roundedness to it that is lovely. The website says that it is to apply intense color to the eyelid, but I generally use some of the other brushes for this (kind of like for all of the other brushes). For some strange reason, I am in love with this as a crease brush. I just love the shape for it, and it fits really well into my crease area. Sometimes I will use this to do an all over wash, but for precise, I like the brushes that are less...wide. For example look at how much smaller the contour brush is, I feel like that is more precise. This is good for smoking out colors too since it is so dense. Good brush, one of my favorites

Eyeliner - E05 - I use this for eyeliner and lipcolors (if I am doing more of a lip art). It is really thin, and the perfect sturdyness. It still moves really nicely to make a flowing brushstroke, but is is sturdy enough to apply creams. There is not really much to talk about, it does what it is supposed to!

You can see some better up close pictures and some application tips at


Rakhshanda said...

Hey thanks for such a detailed review!!
I haven't tried Sigma brushes as yet...Like using Vega brushes but will surely try them now.
Nice blog honey..try checking out mine.

brittany said...

hi, you have a great blog. we talk on twitter (cosmeticsholic is my user name).

I have been hearing a lot about sigma brushes. every now and then at tj maxx, they carry high quality brushes too.

brushes are so expensive some of them run up to $60 or higher!

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