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Animal Testing

Sister Amber Nov 12, 2010

Ok popsicles today I have a serious note post for you all. This is a picture of me and my beautiful puppy named Mayzie. I am kind of obsessed, and treat her like a daughter more than a pet. She hogs the bed, gets the best food, and is the best dog that you could ever imagine. Mayzie makes me smile every day.

I am kind of obsessed with my animals, and for that reason have actively boycotted companies that use animals to test their products. I know many people have spoken about this, and most of the big youtubers are great spokespersons for this cause. I am here to put in my two cents and to kind of explain things in a more concrete way

Companies that use animals for testing do not care about the lives of living things that are not humans. The companies believe that it is easier, cheaper, and better to test on animals because it does not really matter what happens to the animals, because...well...they are animals. The sole purpose for these tests to see if their products will be harmful to humans. The animals are locked up and undergo painful and risky experimentation to test these products. After enduring lives of pain, loneliness and terror, almost all of them will be killed since it is not practical to try to rescue them from this situations. I know that this is preachy and you can agree or disagree but there are better and cruelty free ways to test products.

Google image animal testing, and I am sure you will change your mind.

I am not a vegetarian, vegan, or crazy animal PETA person. BUT I do care about animals, and believe that they should not suffer for me to have my mascara or perfume. There are lots of companies that do not use testing, but the ones that do might surprise you

Cover Girl
L'Oreal US
Max Factor

Sally Hansen

Are just to name a few as companies that use testing. My eyes have only recently been open to the animal testing companies, so I am still making mistakes. The main point is that I am aware, and I am trying. I have only recently found this search engine, and I urge you to search your favorite companies to see if they test on animals or not.

Because....I can never imagine my Mayzie having to be put through a life like this. So, if you would not do it to your animal, why wish it on others?


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