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Healthy lashes?

Sister Amber Nov 3, 2010 , ,
Hello my little popsicles! Its time for a little helpful mixture that will help condition and (through conditioning) GROW eyelashes. Do you take care of your lashes? Do you really? The easiest way to make lashes look amazing is to take care of them

All of those eyelash growth products out there scare me, and not only that, they are SUPER expensive! I have an alternative that costs about....ummmm...2 dollars? I already had these items in my house, and you might too!

1) Vaseline or petroleum jelly
2) Olive oil
3) A contact case
4) An old mascara wand

All you do is clean off the old mascara wand until the water runs clean. We don't want any mascara getting onto the lashes while we are trying to moisturize! Fill up the contact case about half full with the Vaseline. Pour a few drops of the Olive oil on top of the Vaseline and mix mix mix! It will take some good mixing to get these mixed together! It is important to only put a few drops of the olive oil, the mix should be goopy, not runny!

Now all you need to do is dip the mascara wand into the mix and apply to top and bottom lashes! Make sure to scrape off any excess so that there is not huge globs on your lashes!

Put this on your lashes before bed, and in a few weeks you will notice healthier and LONGER lashes! I know I did!

And extra can put this on brows too! :)

I learned how to make this somewhere but I do not remember where. If you know where credit it owed....please let me know so I can credit.


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