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AMBER! Nov 2, 2010 , , ,
Hello makeup lovers!

I am here to give you all some tips and tricks that I have learned from doing makeup for theater / special occasions / just things that I have learned over the years from loving makeup and beauty!

That being said, I am a 22 year old college student and ABSOLUTELY do NOT believe all of the hype for expensive makeup brands. Expensive makeup is like having a designer purse versus a walmart purse. Both of the purses will hold what you need them to, just one will look more in style while doing it.

I am not going to lie and say that I do not own some MAC or more 'fancy' makeup, but since I do have both 'fancy' makeup and drugstore makeup I can compare the two. I like some of my drugstore makeup more than my MAC but just like all things you need to be wise about what you buy.

I also have another disclaimer! I started this endeavor without a camera. I am looking to buy one soon, but until I am just going to type out some tips and tricks that do not require a picture. I hope you all will lift each other up and help to lift me up, so we all can learn together and help each other to feel like the beautiful people we are!


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