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Pale is the new tan!

Sister Amber Nov 6, 2010
Well, not necessarily pale (but in my case it is!) but healthy and natural skin!

Most of the people I know tan during the summer outside, and use tanning beds during the winter in order to keep up the dark skin. Also people tend to think that because it is cold outside that they cant get burnt from the sun. YOU CAN!

My first plea is to use a moisturizer on your face with SPF, even in the winter. Your skin can and will still get harmful rays when it is cold outside. If you dont care about keeping your skin healthy then at least the sunscreen will help to combat wrinkles. Im not going to go on and on about it since everyone else does, so just do it!

And for the people who tan, maybe think about giving your skin a break. Natural skin is in! Plus, skin cancer sucks. I used to tan like all of you lovelies and I went to the dermatologist one day, and BAM! I had 8 spots that were 'potentially cancerous' that they had to cut out of my skin and I have pretty nasty scars from it. If you dont believe that natural skin is in than I think everyone can agree that nasty scarred up legs is not in. Now I have to go back once a year and get all of the spots on my skin checked out so that we can make sure they are not growing. And if they are, means I get more cut out. Fun, eh?

This is a shorter post, but I think it is important. Also, if you have any spots that are new, irregular, dark, or anything that you think may be sketchy go to your dermatologist before it is too late. I am glad I went when I did because it could have been worse. Ill include a little chart so you can see what I mean by sketchy.

Sorry for yelling at you popsicles, this is just important! Hope you are having a good weekend!


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